Thursday, April 25, 2013

Books of the Bible

Alex and Max have a terrific Sunday School teacher.  We absolutely adore Miss Debbie, and we’ll be sad to see Alex move up to the kindergarten class in the fall…simply because he’ll no longer have our much-loved Miss Debbie as his teacher!

Debbie has worked with the kids in her class this year, helping them to memorize the New Testament books.  The 5 yr olds (“Thor”, Alex, and the boy in the striped shirt) really have the books memorized pretty well.  The younger ones were along for the ride, picking up whatever they could.  

Last week, his teacher and her daughter recorded the kids as they recited the books.  Max is second from the left; Alex is in the blue monkey shirt.  (Max obviously had no attention span for this, but he can say most of the books right along with Alex when he tries.)

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