Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Visit With Santa - 2012

I’m still torn on the whole Santa thing, but we do it anyway…we go to the Christmas open house at the local John Deere dealership.  The line is short (although this year it was a bit longer than usual), it’s close to home, and it’s all indoors.

This year, Alex asked for wooden Disney Cars vehicles and a car transporter just like Max has.

Max asked for TEN toy shopping carts.  Yes, TEN.  He looked straight into Santa’s eyes and said, “I would wike one, two, fweee, foeee, five, six, seben, eight, nine, ten shopping caw-eets pweese!”  Apparently he wants to start his own small business, and the one toy shopping cart we already own isn ’t enough? Winking smile 

Every item that the boys requested is already in our home. 

“Santa” isn’t quite sure about duplicating the toys we already own, and he’s planning to give them a Melissa and Doug wooden castle and Playmobil king, queen, princess, knight, horse, and dragon.  Hopefully the boys will be super excited about that, and they won’t realize that we don’t have 10 new shopping carts filled with wooden cars! Open-mouthed smile


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Anonymous said...

I am sure they will love whatever they get :-) Sammy keeps telling me the most random things for Christmas :-P