Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible Christmas Program

Alex attends a once-a-week preschool class called Story Hour during my weekly ladies Bible study.  He LOVES it, and he is always walking around the house singing the songs he learns there.

He DOESN’T love singing in front of an audience, though.  Poor kid.  He was miserable on that stage.

To make matters worse, his mama  thought the Christmas program was still a week away.  I brought him in a t-shirt and jeans, so I quickly pulled him into a side hallway at the church and changed him into Max’s sweater so he looked a little more dressed up.  So poor Alex had no warning that he was about to be on stage AND he was wearing a too-small sweater.


I didn’t have my camera with me, but a friend took pictures of our kids standing together….front and center…because you KNOW that’s where the boy with stage fright wants to be…front and center.

The girls were SO cute and animated.  I enjoyed watching them sing with all their hearts! 

Alex…not so much.  I feel so sorry for him when I see this picture below.  He is obviously miserable.  (He loves the stage about as much as his mama does.)


After singing, the children had a little Christmas party.  Alex was VERY proud of the jingle bell necklace he made, and he loved the gift bag from his teachers.  When we got home, he happily sang all the songs for me.  He came home with a smile on his face, so I guess it wasn’t a completely horrible day.

Alex, your family would LOVE to see you happily performing on a stage with your friends someday.  If that’s just not your personality, though, I completely understand.  Mama hates the stage, too.  I will encourage you, sweet boy, but I will also try to be gentle and understand where you’re coming from.  I love you just the way God made you to be!

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Lindsay said...

aww poor guy! I feel the same way! Tim and Sammy on the other hand.. love it!