Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy FIVE, Alex!



Yesterday (December 26th) was Alex’s FIFTH birthday.  It’s hard to believe he is already five.  We watched some old home movies this morning, and it was so cute to see him and hear his little voice at 2 years old.  He’s grown so much!

Since all of our family Christmas parties were over, we were able to have a relaxing day at home.  Alex chose chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and I surprised him by using M&Ms instead.  Here he is holding up 5 fingers & smiling over his breakfast.


The kids spent most of the day enjoying their new Christmas presents.  They took a lunch break to eat Alex’s next meal choice – frozen pizza. 

For dinner, we gave Alex a choice of 3 restaurants (trains, Steak & Shake, or pizza), and he chose the train restaurant.  Keith & I had never been there before; the boys have been there with their grandparents twice, and both boys were excited to go again.  Even Jensyn enjoyed watching the train display!  The kids rode the big train after dinner.

The waitresses surprised Alex by bringing him birthday cake ice cream with a candle & singing him Happy Birthday.  (Unfortunately, they also surprised Mommy & I didn’t have my camera ready!)  He sweetly shared his ice cream with his brother and sister without complaint!


When we got home, the neighbors popped over for a few minutes, and he opened a present from Grandma & Grandpa S and a present from Mommy & Daddy.  He got a Chuggington puzzle and the Wii Nickelodeon Fit game – which we plan to play today!

Grandma & Papa came over and had ice cream cake with us before the kids went to bed.  I had plans of putting a candle in Alex’s ice cream, but unfortunately it was too melted to hold a candle…and Alex decided he didn’t want his ice cream anyway since he’d already had ice cream at the restaurant! (What child turns down a second serving of dessert?! Open-mouthed smile)

Alex, we are so blessed to have you in our family.  You are a true JOY, and we praise God for placing you in our family.  Happy Fifth Birthday, Buddy!

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Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Alex! So glad he had a good day! LOL at turning down the 2nd serving of Ice Cream!