Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Morning

Cinnamon Rolls (thank you, Pillsbury, for letting me be lazy!)
and singing Happy Birthday To Jesus


Daddy read the Christmas story after we ate.


Santa brought a play kitchen for Jensyn
(shhh…he shopped in friends’ basement for their daughter’s gently used kitchen)
and a Melissa & Doug castle (found a GREAT deal!) and some Playmobile Castle items for the boys.

the living room before the kids got into it…


and after…


Alex noted that Santa hadn’t brought him a car transporter or wooden Cars toys,
but he didn’t seem too disappointed since he had a new castle to play with!



Once Max saw the castle, there was NO pulling him away from it. 
He wouldn’t even come to see his stocking or check if Santa had eaten the milk & cookies. 
Jensyn & Alex helped bring the stocking to the living room so Max could see his.



The stockings contained bubble bath, socks, light-up toothbrush, toothpaste, M&Ms, and Pez. 
The boys each got a toy motorcycle and Jensyn got sunglasses.


Mommy & Daddy gave each child three gifts.

Max received a Leapster 2 game, a Buster The Crane playdough toy,
and an Angry Birds t-shirt.



Alex received a LeapPad game, a Mac Microdrifters truck, and a Spiderman t-shirt.


Jensyn received play food, two new shirts ($2 each),
and a mini baby doll with high chair & potty.





Daddy got fire tongs (for camping) from the boys, a chainsaw from Mommy (more than I should have spent, but Keith NEVER spends his birthday money!) , new pajamas, and some stocking stuffers. 
I’m not very smart, though, and I bought the wrong chainsaw…sigh…needs to be exchanged! 

Mommy received a new kitchen rug from the boys, a wireless mouse and an Amazon card from Daddy, and some stocking stuffers.


We had a nice time just being home together on Christmas morning!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas! Sounds like everyone loved what they received! I love that Jensyn wore her sunglasses for the rest of it!