Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Party #2

This year, the S family Christmas party was on December 23rd after church.  Everyone was there except for Derek, who recently headed overseas for the first time.  He was very missed!

We started with lunch, then the kids opened present by the downstairs tree. I guess I shouldn’t say kids, as there are several who are officially old enough to be called adult now…but they’ll always be little to me!

Here are my three in their Christmas t-shirts – Jensyn’s polar bear shirt from Aunt Deb, Max’s Jingle Bell Rocker shirt, and Alex’s Spiderman with Snowflakes shirt. 


two grown men sharing a blanket

cousins in green (and Josh hiding his not-green shirt)

Jensyn received LOTS of baby dolls this Christmas.
She already had one 8” baby doll from Target that she loved, so I
requested additional dolls/sets to go along with it. 
She is definitely enjoying all of her new baby dolls!


Grandpa S has a remote control pick up truck, and the boys LOVE it!
This year, they each got their own r/c truck for home.


Aunt Janice & Jensyn (with a new baby doll)


Max’s John Deere playset


Grandma & Grandpa gave the boys new fireman rainboots
(which is INCREDIBLY good since they’ve worn their old rainboots to shreds!)
and Jensyn received new shoes AND Hello Kitty rainboots



a few more downstairs pics…




From the cousins, our kids received:
LeapPad game (Alex)
HotWheels wall tracks (Max)
Eric Carle board books (Jensyn)

From grandma & grandpa, our kids received:
rainboots (all three)
r/c trucks (the boys)
baby dolls with bunk beds & rocking horses (Jensyn)
mini tractor set (Max)
new shoes (Jensyn)
set of activity books (Alex)
I’m probably missing a gift or two from this list,
but this is what is coming to mind right now.

Once the kids were finished opening presents, the adults headed upstairs to the living room for the grown-up gift exchange.  (The kids are supposed to stay downstairs and play, but that doesn’t always happen.)

Keith & Donna opening gifts


We welcomed Jesse into the family by giving him the Korean earpicks gag gift
that gets passed around every few years.


Max helped Uncle Tony open his presents.


Jensyn trying on Mommy’s new sock & playing baby dolls with Uncle David.


Mom had a very “crock-pot-y” Christmas. 
She received a regular crock pot AND a three-sectioned crockpot for parties.


With a large family, it’s hard to get everyone together on the same day.  When these days do happen, they always fly by so quickly!  The day is ending, it’s time to go, and I still feel like there hasn’t been time enough to spend with everyone.  Still, it was a wonderful day with family!

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Lindsay said...

What fun!! I love these times when everyone can get together!! I love that picture of Max on (im guessing) his cousin's back. His smile is just too sweet!