Friday, December 14, 2012

Nativity Tot School

We had a Christmas Nativity morning at our house on Thursday.  Our kids have a Christmas surprise bag that randomly appears under our tree.   It’s meant to be a daily thing, but to be quite honest, I am just not that organized.  So, it appear when I get around to it.

Well, it appeared yesterday and we had a fun day when Grace was over!  Inside the bag, the kids found a book and a foam angel sticker kit.  I *LOVE* this book for introducing children to the Christmas story.  It’s factual, yet simple enough for a very small child to understand.  (It also does NOT show the wisemen at the manger, which I appreciate!)

We read the book together, and then we went to the kitchen table to make our angels.


(My camera did NOT appreciate the lighting in the kitchen this morning!)


After that, we dove into piles of Christmas Nativity Pack pages (which, by the way, we’ve sold 104 packs so far…THANK YOU for helping us donate to Show Hope!)

Alex & Max both enjoyed adding letters on their Build It pages.  Alex traced the words, while Max just matched the letters.


Here are some of Max’s pages…Max, who is wearing a swim diaper and swim trunks because he REALLY thought that we should go to the beach on December 13th…in Indiana.


Max is always counting.  Everything.  So this page is perfect for him:


Max was determined to use a red dot marker for everything today, and he was NOT interested in listening to instructions.



Here are some of Alex’s pages…

I cannot believe how fast he whips through these alphabet mazes.  He’s outgrowing a lot of the preschool pack activities!


He absolutely loves finding patterns right now!

He doesn’t just find them on paper; he finds patterns on everything,
including his grandmother’s coat! Smile



Jensyn was awake, and she really wanted to be part of the fun.  She colored with crayons for a while, and then she insisted on having dot markers.  She colored with them, but she also wore blue “lipstick” Smile


Next week we’ll be doing our Christmas Cookies pack, and we’re inviting a few friends and neighbors to come over and spend a morning decorating cookies with us!

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Anonymous said...

How fun!! Love Jensyn's blue lipstick! Max would have been wearing the same lipstick if you let him go swimming ;-)