Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Number Practice Pages

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It’s been a while since I’ve offered anything new in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop.  Life has been SO busy lately!  I’ve been working on these pages for Alex & Max, and I *finally* got a chance to finish it this morning.

This pack includes 20 pages of practice sheets for your preschooler.  The lines are large, so they are great for little ones who are just learning the fine motor skills required for holding a pencil and writing.  I’m pricing it at $2, as you’ll be able to use it again and again for your children or in your classroom.

10 - hippos

Your little one can trace and write the numbers, and then you can keep it simple and count/circle the objects at the bottom of the page.

Add a little FUN and do it at snack time.  Before circling the objects at the bottom of the page, set out a small snack to use as counting manipulatives ~ raisins, M&Ms, or goldfish crackers are great choices!

Count out the correct number of snacks, then use the snacks to cover the pictures on the page.  After your child has counted & covered the correct number, remove (and EAT!) them one at a time while counting!

For a complete list of images used, see the product description on Teachers Notebook.  Remember…as always…buy THREE items from my shop in one transaction, and you’ll be able to receive one FREE pack of your choice via e-mail!

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Anonymous said...

Love this as well! Great number writing practice and the count and circle would be Sammy's favorite!