Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Pictures

We haven’t had family pictures taken since Alex was a baby.  Since we feel our family is complete, I thought perhaps we should go ahead and get new portraits.  

Ironically, after I scheduled our pictures, my extended family made plans to get photos done with a different photographer the same week.  And THEN we had church directory pictures only a few days later.  Needless to say, we’re all pretty tired of saying cheese! ;)

Many of you have seen the photos on my personal Facebook account, but I wanted to share these with the rest of you just for fun…and have these on here for when I print our annual blog book so that these photos make the book.

These are going to serve as the kids 1 yr, 3 yr, and 5 yr pictures. 
(These are just the “proofs”, so there are a few imperfections in the pictures.)562752_294859390611684_932088794_n

 391568_294821510615472_696804717_n 394726_294831743947782_1698958860_n 555500_294573620640261_27731949_n 555950_294868983944058_466020923_n531466_294868290610794_261789838_n 529405_294825230615100_1583259700_n599328_294843350613288_1781665208_n 318786_294876790609944_1871752299_n 482037_294876960609927_586387295_n

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Anonymous said...

awww I love these!! They turned out great!! Alex and Max are looking more and more like each other as they get older!