Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vacation Bible School

Our church’s vacation Bible school took place last week.  Once again, we did a Go Fish VBS.  The Go Fish music is SO. MUCH. FUN!   My kids still listen to last year’s VBS cd all the time, and we loved this years’ music just as much.

Although our VBS starts at age three, the preschool director asked if Max would like to come since he turns three in a month.  We missed the first night because of a family event, but both Max and Alex enjoyed the rest of the week.  Max was WORN OUT by day five, though, because we do an evening VBS and the kids were going to be very late every night.  He chose to stay with Mommy on night #5, but Alex still had fun.

Here are both kids “dancing” on the stage at the end of night #3…
Max is wearing the white t-shirt and Alex is on the left in an “official” maroon VBS t-shirt.

It’s not about the numbers, but we had over 100 kids each night of the week.  Usually, we break 100 once of twice throughout the week, so this was our biggest turnout in several years :)

Even better, we had a VBS family attend our church on Sunday morning.  THAT’S what it’s all about ~ getting the kids excited about Jesus and helping families to feel welcome in our church.  Even if only 10 kids came to VBS all week long, as long as one family came to know Jesus or renewed their faith as a result, that would be a huge blessing!

I am usually in charge of registration before VBS begins, and then I work the registration table, guide kids to the right spot, take attendance, and answer questions as parents drop off/pick up their children. 

Once you get past the first night, there’s some “down time” in the middle.  Jensyn & Mommy walked around to listen in on some Bible stories, watched some games, enjoy the singing times, and check out the crafts.  We spent a little time hanging out in the church nursery, too.  She LOVES it in there!

July2012 076 July2012 071  

Alex and Max chose not to go on stage when the kids sang for the church family.  I can completely understand, as I *hate* to be on stage for any reason, but I sure would love to have seen them up there singing with their friends!

SO…now that we’re past garage sale, vacation, family events, and VBS…perhaps we can get a little normalcy around our house for a few weeks.  Keith said last night that he’s looking forward to some “real” dinners this week instead of quick homemade meals, frozen pizzas, and all the restaurant food we had on vacation.  Sigh…guess that means it’s time to start menu planning, couponing, and grocery shopping again ;)

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Anonymous said...

What a great VBS!! We attended one the last week in June and Sammy had a blast.. I wish our church had one but atleast there are so many other wonderful church that do.. so we just enjoy theirs :-)