Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Camping Trip

We vowed to camp more this summer.   We don’t have a newborn.  We don’t have an excuse.  We thought our summer would have plenty of time for camping.

Yeah, right.

This summer has been SO CRAZY BUSY!  Every single weekend, we have something going on!  We managed a second trip last weekend, and it was lots of fun.  

We stayed close to home this time…as in 10 minutes away from home.  We try to visit this campground once every summer. This is the third summer that this campground has been under new ownership, and we’ve enjoyed watching the improvements they make each year.

This year, they’ve added theme weekends.  Each weekend, they have crafts & activities to match a particular theme.  This weekend was Christmas in July.  (They’ve got a pirate weekend coming up…wish we’d be around for that!)  The kids made Christmas ornaments and frosted Christmas cookies.  There was also “ice skating” and “reindeer games” in the afternoon, but we thought our kids might be too young.  They finished off the weekend with a “sleigh ride” (a wagon decorated to look like Santa’s sleigh) on Sunday afternoon.  My kids watched and waved as the “sleigh” circled the campground, but they didn’t ride.

Alex’s ornament (with some help from Mommy in squeezing the bottle)

July2012 136July2012 135 

Max’s ornament. 
I’m not sure if it’s a gingerbread man or a pirate who’s been in a sword fight ;)

July2012 133July2012 137 

decorating Christmas cookies
(well…eating the cookies they decorated…)

July2012 142 July2012 143 

At the campsite…

July2012 127 July2012 128  July2012 130    

July2012 144July2012 145July2012 147 July2012 148 July2012 149   July2012 164

We brought the Buck for the boys, but JENSYN rode it all weekend!
She is very proud to be big enough to ride this.

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ice cream & snow cones

July2012 155 July2012 156 July2012 157 July2012 158 July2012 153July2012 154

playground fun

July2012 138 July2012 139

July2012 159 July2012 160

July2012 162      July2012 161 

The lake was MUCH smaller than usual, due to the lack of rain.
It was also nice & warm, which I appreciated!
Alex & Keith were able to swim to the island together.
Alex thought that was pretty neat.
Max chickened out and stayed with Mommy & Jensyn.

 July2012 167 July2012 168 July2012 169 July2012 170 July2012 171 July2012 172 July2012 173

Camping with three very young children is HARD WORK!  You can’t just send them to the playground or sit back and read a book while they dig in the dirt.  You have to be on your toes almost every minute.  All three kids LOVE it, though, and we enjoy it too.  I must admit that, even though I don’t want our kids to get any bigger, I look forward to the days when we can allow them to go to the playground or ride their bikes around the campground while we sit in our chairs and enjoy a good book!

We have one more scheduled trip to go camping (on private property) with our Bible study group in September, and we have one weekend in August when we might go camping.  We’ll probably book kind of last minute for that, as it’s just been so hectic that we might prefer to just have the weekend at home to do nothing ;)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great campground! What a fun weekend! We have not been in so long.. for no real reason but I really want to change that soon!