Friday, July 27, 2012

Elephant Toothpaste & Other Random Photos

Our sweet neighbor, Kathie, brought over “tie-dyed” cupcakes for the boys.  Yum!
We adore our newest neighbors ~ they are the most thoughtful people!

July2012 006 July2012 009 July2012 003 July2012 004

We found a recipe for Elephant Toothpaste on Science Bob’s website.  We didn’t have 6% hydrogen peroxide, but we decided to give it a try with regular 3%.   The results aren’t quite as amazing as 6%, but it’s still fun! 

Alex says that next time he wants to make Giraffe Toothpaste.  Maybe we’ll find some 6% peroxide and try that.

 July2012 060 July2012 061 July2012 062 July2012 063 

It’s called “toothpaste” because it looks a bit like toothpaste coming out of the tube. 
You certainly would NOT use this to brush your teeth!

July2012 065 July2012 066 July2012 067 July2012 068

The boys’ favorite part was playing in the pan full of warm goop
after the “toothpaste” was out of the tube.

July2012 069 July2012 070

We’ve had some fun playdates with Gage & Grace!  One day, Cindy & I did a kid swap.  I took her kids for the morning while she cleaned her house, and then she took mine for the afternoon while I ran some errands.

At our house, the kids played with playdough and then played Mario Kart on the Wii.

July2012 102 July2012 101

At Cindy’s house, the boys played with monster trucks and a Bob The Builder playset.
The girls played dolls together…and Jensyn even got to “BE” the doll ;)

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We also met at the inflatables place for a morning full of fun.  There were probably 12 kids in the whole place, including our 5 kids.  It was nice!

July2012 126 July2012 107 July2012 108 July2012 109 July2012 110 July2012 111

Grace is in a “make a funny face for the camera” phase ;)

July2012 112 July2012 113 July2012 114 July2012 115 July2012 116 July2012 117 July2012 118 July2012 119

Jensyn ADORED this walking/step toy in the toddler play area. 
Since she’s just starting to walk on her own, she had a great time walking up and down, over and over and over…probably for about 30 minutes straight!

July2012 120 July2012 121 

Jensyn also had to try out the big inflatables.  She actually crawled halfway up one slide before giving up & letting herself slide down.  I was impressed!

I took her up the biggest, steepest slide and let her ride down on my lap.
I think I’m too old for this stuff (ha!) but she had a lot of fun!

July2012 123  July2012 125

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Anonymous said...

What fun! Sammy saw the elephant toothpaste pictures and said.. ohh lets do that ;-) Looks like you guys had a blast at the inflatable place!