Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wildlife Tot Pack (fundraiser)

woodlandad copy $2 at Itsy Bitsy Printables (Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to receive a 25% discount!)
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A reader contacted me last month, asking if I would consider making a wildlife tot pack.   Thanks to Marlynn’s creativity, she and I worked together to come up with these activity pages.  We hope you’ll enjoy them!
Marlynn blogs about her three adorable girls at A Farm Girl’s Musings. I can easily relate to her posts about life with three very young children! Thanks SO much, Marlynn, for helping to create this tot pack!
Click on the donation link above to download the Wildlife Tot Pack!

  • memory game
  • shape matching activity
  • vocabulary cards
  • “circle what’s different” page
  • count and clip cards
  • coloring page
  • prewriting pages
  • 3 part puzzles
  • size sequencing
  • word building (use scrabble tiles or similar letter tiles)
  • 2 piece letter matching card
    (match uppercase to lowercase)
  • animal/plant sorting page
  • Bible verse
ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES Zondervan Publishers just released this simple, factual book called “Made By God – Forest Friends”.  I highly recommend the book!  The animal facts in this book are fun, simple enough for a preschooler to understand, and point to GOD as the creator of these amazing animals!  (The book includes a porcupine, which you won’t find in this tot pack, but I’m working on a mini book of animal facts that will go along with this tot pack.)
This adorable woodland bowling clipart set is available at Scrappin’ Doodles website.  It’s $3.50 for the set, but wouldn’t it make a cute bowling game to attach to water bottles or empty Gerber Puffs containers?  Scrappin Doodles has a coupon code (JULY2011) for 15% off your order if you’re interested.  (They tend to offer a coupon code every month, so if you’re reading this in August, you might try AUGUST2011.)
My boys love these Melissa & Doug nesting blocks.  The green side of each block pictures a forest animal.  I’m not saying you should run out & spend $15, but if you happen to have these nesting blocks…pull ‘em out for this wildlife unit!
There’s a cute porcupine playdough activity at Create-Kids-Crafts.
You can find the complete directions and patterns for a super cute moose craft and many other activities at Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities on the Moose Crafts and Activities page.
All graphics in this tot pack can be found on the '>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>'>Scrappin’ Doodles website.

CLICK HERE to view all tot packs available at Our Little Monkeys.


Michelle Grigsby said...

Looks great! Can't wait to try it out- thank you!!

Anonymous said...

ohh my word.. seriously adorable!!

Tabitha said...

Thanks so much! Looks like so muchf fun for my little one!

Jenn said...

So cute and fun! Thank you for posting, my daughter will love this :)

Unknown said...

thanks for this!

Amy M said...

I love the Wildlife Tot Pack - but couldn't download it. I have a Mac does that make a difference?

MamaDuck76 said...

Hi Amy,
It shouldn't make a difference. Did you read the instructions for downloading from 4Shared? They're on my "printables for tots" page. If that doesn't work, let me know & I'll gladly e-mail you the file.


Ticia said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm going to check it out now.

Marlynn said...

Dawn!!! It looks great!!!

Carly said...

Hi there,
I love this tot pack and would love to use it for school this week and am happy to donate, but the link is not working. Please let me know if there is a way I can get this pack. Thanks!

Leah said...

the link isn't working for me either and i'd love to buy it as well! please let me know if there is another link!

MamaDuck76 said...

For all readers - My paypal address is:

If you donate to that address, I will be sure to get it to them & e-mail you the link to the tot pack.

Thank you!


Unknown said...

Dawn, I just sent my donation. Can't wait to receive this pack!
By the way, I want to say that your packs are great and the kids here just love them.

And I also have to mention that it's great what your doing for that familly!. Isa :)

Brandy said...

paypal wouldn't work for me. It just kept giving me error. :( Any suggestions?

Brandy said...

Oh my if I would learn how to read...I figured out how to get the paypal to work. Can't wait to get my download! They are awesome!