Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alex’s Stage Debut

We just finished VBS week at our church.  This year, Alex was old enough to be in the preschool group.  He was not interested in singing all week long, even though the songs were GREAT!  (Check out Go Fish’s Kickin’ It Old School VBS…the songs are so much fun!)

On Friday, the preschoolers practiced singing Jesus Loves Me and This Little Light of Mine for their part of the VBS closing program.  We figured we’d be lucky if Alex was brave enough to get on stage.  If he did, he’d stand there without singing.

I wasn’t planning to video the performance, but as I started to take a picture, I realized Alex was SINGING!  I flipped my camera over to video mode and got a grainy video…but I’m so glad I did.  We’ll be laughing about this for ages!

He’s in the white t-shirt on the right side.  He’ll be hard to miss during This Little Light of Mine.  Trust me. ;)

We're so proud of him for being brave enough to get on stage and sing! Good job, Alex! (Thanks for the laughs, too, Little Man!)


Ms.M said...

That is precious! :)

Ms. M
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Pennie said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

LOL ohh that was to funny! WTG Alex!

Kat said...

He was so precious that night!!!!