Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Fun Tot School activity…

You know what I love about the internet?  It helps us share the BEST ideas with each other!  People come up with such unique activities, and the internet provides a way to share your creativity!

Love and Lollipops

Georgia at Love & Lollipops shared a simple, hands-on idea for using the 4-part puzzle cards from the Tools tot pack in a new way!  Tot School moms, you’ll want to take a look!  What fun! 
I’d never seen Georgia’s blog until she left a comment today to link me to this activity.  Now I’m spending naptime reading through her posts.  She also has a lot of other hands-on activities on her blog – the June posts will really appeal to moms of boys.  Go check it out!
P.S.  Here’s a “sneak peek” at the Wildlife tot pack that I’m working on.  It’s almost finished, thanks to the creative ideas of a tot-schooling mama that I met online.  I’m finishing up a few pages & waiting for the release of a new wildlife book in mid-July.  I want to base the factual pages on the information found in this book…so check back in a few weeks for a fun, new pack!
vocab cards wildlife
shapes wildlife  Mm moose card


Marlynn said...

Dawn this tot pack is looking so great!

Anonymous said...

cute!! Love the idea and loving the new pack!

Amberley said...

Looks great! Wish I had it for this week, though! We are doing a 'forest' theme at our home daycare this week. Can't wait til it's done... :)

The Princess and the Tot said...

Oh my...I cannot WAIT for this Tot Pack! It is absolutely perfect! I am your newest follower and am so happy I have discovered your blog!