Friday, July 29, 2011

My baby…

has gone from THIS…

April2011 436April 2011

to this:July2011 100July 2011

How does this happen?  Sigh.

From day to day, it doesn’t seem like Jensyn has grown so much.  It just struck me tonight, while we were eating dinner, how BIG she looks in her bouncy seat these days.

And this?  This cuteness can last a while longer. 
She’s just so sweet.

July2011 102 

Although I might be just a bit biased ;)


Marlynn said...

What a cutie! It is way amazing how quickly babies grow up! Especially when you have two other older children that distract you from how much the baby has grown.

Kat said...

Skylar is sitting on my lap and said "Aww baby! CUTE!" She sure is right!!!!

I love that she is a thumb sucker!!!! <3

Elise said...

So adorable. It always seems to strike in a moment, when you suddenly sit back and notice that your baby is growing so quickly.

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie!! She has totally grown a ton!