Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tot School – Doctor (37 months)

Alex is 37 months old. 

This week we had fun with the doctor preschool pack from Homeschool Creations.  Alex wasn’t quite as excited for this as he’d been for the space theme, but he still really enjoyed this.  In fact, he begged me to do Tot School EVERY day!

We started this theme last week, but we ended up with a bunch of snowed-in days…and who can concentrate on Tot School when Daddy’s home and there is over a foot of snow outside?  Here’s a little bit of our Tot School from that week – working together with Alex’s friend Grace.

aFebruary2011 023 (20) aFebruary2011 023 (25)

So…we tried again the next week!

Alex loves music, so he’s been enjoying the songs that go along with these themes.  He may not sing on key, but he knows every word!

February2011 055

It’s a pathetic picture, but we’ve also really enjoyed having a Bible verse to fit each theme.  Alex can say this verse when he sees the card.

February2011 058

I’m trying to work with Alex on one-to-one correspondence, rather than just number recognition.  It’s taking a lot to keep him on task, but when he’s willing to concentrate, he’s starting to understand.

We spent time on 3 days working on placing the correct number of band-aids with the number card.

February2011 061

February2011 070

February2011 060

(Yes, for any faithful and very observant readers, we did upgrade to a bigger kitchen table!)

On our last day of Tot School, I decided to have Alex make the band-aid book, gluing the correct number of mini band-aids to each page.

February2011 087

February2011 093

One of Alex’s current favorites is shadow matching…February2011 052

He’s also loving the little “name the color” booklets.  He can now correctly name every color (including gray!), but still struggles with mixing up pink and purple.February2011 056Alex has gotten bored with size-sequencing (even though he hasn’t perfected this skill), so he purposely puts things in the wrong order and says that he’s finished.  I encourage him to make “stairs” and walk his fingers up the stairs.  That helps a bit, but (despite the cheesy grin) this activity is definitely not a favorite.   February2011 078

Find the Ms on the medicine bottles – he’s pretty good at that part!  Trace the letter Ms?  I guided his hand on the first one, and held his hand while he traced the second.  After that, he was finished…and I’m not pushing this skill!

February2011 068 February2011 069 

Alex was very jealous when Grace easily completed the doctor and nurse puzzles last week.  He just didn’t understand the concept.  We worked together, and by the end of the week, he could correctly put together the puzzles.  He’s a little bit proud :)

February2011 072 February2011 074 

Vocabulary cards – Alex likes to find them as I call out the word, and then hand me the correct card.  It’s more of a “find the correct picture” game right now, and that’s okay.

February2011 079Again, all of our printables for the week came from Homeschool Creations.  I am SO thankful for moms like Jolanthe who pour their hearts into creating fun, educational materials and sharing them freely! 

To see what other tots are doing, click on the Tot School link on the right side of my blog.  Next up – a Valentines Theme, of course!

Have a GREAT week!


Ewa said...

What a great week. I like very much your idea of building the stairs out of sequencing elements and walking fingers (the combination of cognitive and physical aspects of learning are always the most effective). Hugs. Ewa

Madonna said...

I love this preschool pack from Homeschool Creations! She finds the cutest clip art!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time you still had! It is totally hard to concentrate when Daddy is home!!