Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Max’s First Haircut

I love those sweet baby curls.  I love when he’s resting on my shoulder when he’s sleepy or sad, and I get to run my fingers through those soft curls.February2011 160

But since the boy is almost 18 months old and his hair reached his shoulders when combed straight, it was time…

  February2011 161 February2011 162  February2011 163 February2011 164

Max wasn’t afraid at all.  In fact, he seemed to think it was fun!  He giggled when she sprayed his hand with water, found the razor pretty interesting, and thought the hair dryer was pretty funny when she blew cool air in his face.

I snapped a few pictures when I could, but Max was interested in climbing on the chair, grabbing at the scissors, and turning around to see what Erica was doing.  It was more a process of keeping him on the chair than getting the right photos!  Towards the end, he started crying – not out of fear, but out of frustration that no one would let him get down!

Erica was all out of suckers, and I didn’t trust him with the candy bracelets that she had so Max got no candy reward.  He did get a McDonald’s cheeseburger for lunch, though, along with some yogurt and granola (which he wore quite proudly…)

Since there’s no holding this boy down for posed pictures, here are the “after” shots – yogurt and all! 

The texture of his hair has totally changed.  It’s a bit coarse now, which makes me think he’s going to have his Mama’s hair.  The curl is still there, especially when his hair is damp.  Once it’s dry, it’s a bit wavy all around, and there’s a section in the back that’s still got a few short circles of curl.

February2011 166

 February2011 173 February2011 174

February2011 176

So, there you have it…my little boy got big!  And I must admit – I’m a little bit tempted to go grab all those little ringlets from Erica’s floor and glue them back on.  ;)


Anonymous said...

What a big boy! Sammy still isn't a fan of getting his hair cut.. but he now atleast sits still! Max looks so grown up!

Kat said...

Aww so grown up!! Super cute!