Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just a bit of snow…

So, it snowed.  A lot.  It’s hard to measure because of the winds and the drifts, but I’d say we got at least 15”.  We had 3 days together at home as a family – something very rare around here!

I didn’t have the energy or desire to bundle my kiddos and take them out in the snow.  (Hey, I *am* 31 weeks pregnant, tired, and not all that interested in slipping on icy spots at this point…I suppose that’s a good enough excuse!)

Daddy was working from home, so Mommy was trying her best  to keep the kids out of the office. Silly internet access and Blackberry…what happened to a good ‘ol grown-up snow day?!  Keith did keep a much lighter schedule, taking breaks to play and ending his day earlier than usual.

The kids & I spent the biggest portion of our days playing Thomas trains, designing and building (and sticking firmly in place with foam tape) a new Thomas track.

I couldn’t ignore the piles of snow outside of the house, so we brought some in to enjoy.February2011 017

February2011 015  February2011 018 a snowman with pretzel stick arms and mini M&M eyes

February2011 019

Keith got out the snow blower mid-morning, but no sooner had he cleared the driveway than it started snowing heavily again!  He tried again in the afternoon, and this time he invited Alex to come outside.  Alex insisted on having his own shovel to help!

I didn’t get pictures of this, but Keith also lifted Alex on his shoulders and walked him through the 2 foot snow drifts in our back yard.  They spent a little time playing on the slide in the snow!  They also made snow angels in the front yard. What a fun daddy!February2011 021 February2011 022 February2011 023February2011 024

By Thursday, the snow had stopped, but we still hadn’t seen a plow…so we were stuck at home again!  We made snow cream as an afternoon snack.  Alex didn’t remember doing this last year, and he thought it was pretty neat!  Max didn’t understand what he was eating, but he sure begged for more! 

 February2011 004 February2011 005

Finally, around 3 PM on Thursday, the plow came through.  Not that we had anywhere to go, but at least we were free to leave if we desired! Sometimes it’s nice to kick back, enjoy family time, and just be free from busyness and schedules…but it’s definitely nice to escape the house after a few days, too!

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Anonymous said...

yay for some family time!! Sounds like the boys enjoyed it and you stayed warm!