Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Auto Show

We’ve kind of made this an annual family outing, I believe.  This year, we were able to get half-price tickets through Groupon.  (Unfortunately, they don’t offer half-price parking or food, ha!) 

I think all of us enjoy checking things out, although it’s harder to really look at cars when you’re trying to keep your children contained at the same time!  I thought I lost Alex while looking in the back of a Honda Odyssey, only to find out that he’d climbed into the drivers seat and shut the door!

Anyway, we enjoyed comparing family vehicles and looking at future work car options for Keith.  The boys enjoyed playing in the cars, pretending to drive, and just plain had fun.

February2011 130The Jeep exhibit has a fun riding track, so Keith helped Alex take a drive. 

February2011 101 February2011 103

Max looked on longingly, and he kept saying “Please, Please?” February2011 104 February2011 105 February2011 106 February2011 107 February2011 108 February2011 110 February2011 111 February2011 113 February2011 115 The Army exhibit

February2011 116

 February2011 119 February2011 121 February2011 122 A Stryker unit – my nephew Derek is supposed to be training on these soon!

February2011 123 I don’t remember what caught his eye, but his expression makes me laugh! February2011 117

Max was THRILLED to be on Daddy’s shoulders.  He wouldn’t hold still, but he was just beaming!

February2011 126The Hyundai booth was giving out inflatable guitars.  To get one, you had to go up on stage and pretend to be in the band.  Alex said he’d do it, but then they were closing the line when we went up there.  Alex’s face fell; he was so disappointed!  I never do things like this, but I went around to the back, found the people who were inflating the guitars, and asked if there was any way they could make a little boy very happy…and they did! 

February2011 128

Lightning McQueen and Mater (in the background) were at the State Farm booth!  Alex slipped under the rope and touched McQueen before we could stop him!  The picture is blurry…but he was one very happy boy!

February2011 127


Kat said...

Looks like a fun day!!! Good for you for getting him a guitar! =)

Lindsay said...

oo very fun!! Glad you guys had a good time!

Susie said...

Those little boys are so sweet and adventurous! Hope the weather holds out and we get to see you all tomorrow!