Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tot School – 26 Months

K is for Kite and St. Patrick’s Day

What a week it’s been!  Busy, sick, trip to the dentist, spring fever…you name it!  I can’t say that Tot School was a top priority this week!

Here’s what we did manage to do:

We spent an early morning watching the cement trucks pouring the driveway and sidewalk at the new house across the street.  The most interesting part was DEFINITELY when the cement truck got stuck in the mud – tires spinning, mud flying, and another cement truck showing up to tow him out of the mud.

 March2010 137

Alex took this picture once the truck was out of the mud.  Not bad for a 2 year old!March2010 150

This was K is for Kite week.  Don’t expect much, though – we didn’t accomplish much on our theme this week :(

Kite Color Matching (Confessions of a Homeschooler)
March2010 194 
K is for Kite magnet page from Confessions of a Homeschooler March2010 207

LeapFrog puzzle about opposites (has a kite on it…what a weak tie-in to our theme, lol!)

March2010 198 

Sick Day spent watching countless hours of Curious George and tractor movies

  March2010 209

St. Patrick’s Day Fun! 
This really was an exciting day for Alex!

We sorted M&Ms by color – and tried really hard not to eat them!

March2010 213

We used the M&Ms to make rainbows with a pot of gold
(from Making Learning Fun)

 March2010 215 March2010 217

When our rainbows were complete, we ATE them!

March2010 220 

We fingerpainted Paper Plate Shamrocks

March2010 221 March2010 236

March2010 225 

We matched Shamrock Letters (Help!  I can’t remember what website this is from – maybe Childcareland?!)

March2010 228 
We sorted shamrocks by size from Making Learning Fun.  (We skipped the medium ones, as Alex really doesn’t care too much for size-sorting.)
March2010 230

We enjoyed Shamrock Shakes

March2010 231 March2010 232

We decorated the baby to look like a leprechaun. 
No – wait – that’s just carrots ;)
March2010 235

We went on a treasure hunt for leprechaun gold…over and over and over again…
March2010 237 March2010 240 March2010 243 
We read LOTS of books, including kite books, leprechaun books, and Gail Gibbons’ St Patricks Day book – which tells the TRUE story of St. Patrick’s missionary work
 March2010 248
We took LOTS of walks & enjoyed the beautiful weather!

March2010 274 
We swept the front yard???
Well, he’s 2.  And he acts it! ;)
March2010 277
As you can see, not much had to do with our theme this week, but we still had fun!

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Giggly Girls said...

Oh how I love his happy, m&m eating smile!!!!

Hope everyone is feeling better.

melaniet42 said...

Great paper plate shamrocks! Looks like you still got a lot in this week. There is NO WAY we could have ever sorted M&M's and had any leftover - way to go!!!

Theresa said...

♥ your treasure hunt for gold & paper plate shamrocks!
looks like fun sweeping the yard too! :)

Kat said...

Oh I love a good paper plate craft! =)

Susan said...

The paper plate shamrocks are great! I don't think the kite puzzle is a weak tie in....I would have done it myself =)

Lil' Ms. P said...

I think your paper plate shamrocks turned out great.

Clair said...

Wow, girl, our kids are the same age! Thanks for coming by Mummy Deals to comment, nice to hear from you! It was fun stopping by your blog too. have a FAB week, Clair

Temeculamom said...

He is such an eager learner, and no wonder with so many fun activities!!