Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Home From Work!

I hear a few phrases all the time lately.  One is “Me Try!”  I think that’s pretty self-explanatory, as I have a typical two year old who would really like to try to do everything independently. 

I hear, “Mom, I understand baby.”  I was fairly impressed by this, until this morning when I realized he says this only while standing in front of the baby.  That’s when it occurred to me that Alex doesn’t understand understand. (Did you understand that?  Ha!)

The best one (to me) is this… 
He rides up to me on his tractor.
(Note the tractor shirt.)

February2010 584

He announces, “Mama, I home from work!”

 February2010 585
I respond, “Well, welcome home. 
What did you do at work today?”

He answers, “Farm work.”

February2010 586

“Alex a farmer.  Drive a tractor.”

February2010 587

It won’t be long before the tractors are back in the fields, and I know he’s going to be THRILLED!

(The other variation of this is that he’s a banker.  But apparently, bankers drive tricycles or fire trucks.  Perhaps we should take a little field trip to visit Grandma at the bank…and then stop at the dollar store for some play money.)

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Kat said...

He is growing WAY too fast! :)