Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Make Stuff Up

A few years ago, I saw someone wearing a shirt with this phrase on it. I joked with Keith that this shirt would be great for him, as he's always making up random stories just to get a laugh. Now, I'm thinking we need two of this t-shirt in our house - one men's large and one in 2T.

Alex has started making up stories. I don't know whether to celebrate because my little guy discovered his imagination or to punish him for telling lies!

Monday --
"Mom, Alex has a watch. Alex lost it yes-day. Lost it at church. Where it go? Alex lost watch."

Uh-huh, he doesn't even have a watch. (Just to make sure, I asked him where his watch belongs. He pointed to his wrist.)

Tuesday --
We went grocery shopping, and Alex is saying over and over:
"Mama hit somebody's car! Mama hit somebody's car!"

I did no such thing. I did tell him that he needed to stay close to me in the parking lot so that he didn't get hit by a car. Apparently that translates to a car accident in Toddler-Speak.

I can only imagine what might come out of his mouth next. At least if we bought him the t-shirt, we might stand a chance of saving our pride ;)


Allison said...

What I often do is gently retell their "story" in a way that is the truth to talk about it with them. Other times, I may say, "Is that how you wish it happened?" or "That would be silly, if that happened." I don't think he's intentionally lying. That happens at an older age. I just always try to make sure I speak in a way that shows I know what is pretend and what isn't.

Kat said...

Note to self...stay away from Dawn while she is operating a vehicle!!!! ;)

Susie said...

I thought maybe Alex was wanting to play grocery cart derby or something! LOL! Griffin has been telling windy tales. And I've been letting him know that he has to tell the truth...but he is age 5 not 2...it's tricky b/c there is a fine line between the "making up" and lying.

Hey just wanted to let you know...I got my new laptop and it had a specific shortcut button for "my blog" and took me directly to the windows live writer...I never had a chance to check it out when you mentioned it on your blog but I'm definitely going to be using that for my blogging from now on! I love it. Since you've been using it longer you can let me know if there are any "dislikes" with it.