Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tot School – 26 Months

J is for John Deere : Alex is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY in love with John Deere tractors, so I couldn’t imagine doing anything else for J week.  It’s just a basic farm theme, though.

Daddy & Alex had tractor races on the living room floor one night.  It wasn’t really Tot School, but it fit into our theme quite well. March2010 083 March2010 084 

We made a cardboard box barn for Alex’s toy tractors, figuring he’d LOVE to drive his tractors in and out of the barn.  Making this barn was actually really fun, but Alex doesn’t care for it.  Keith suggested I cut off the doors and then “hinge” them on the inside with duct tape so it’s easier for Alex to get his tractors in & out.  I may try that. (I colored the barn with red bingo marker because I was too cheap to go buy red paint…but Keith pointed out that was a good idea, as marker won’t flake off over time!)

March2010 127March2010 125

This one is from another Tot School blog – a printable Pigs In The Mud file folder game.  (And a quick plug for the Along The Way blog – she’s a fun mommy!) The “mud puddle” has the uppercase alphabet on it.  Each pig has an uppercase letter printed on it.  Add some velcro circles, match the letters, and have fun!  Alex loved it!  I only gave him Pigs A – J, and he was begging me for the rest of the pigs (which weren’t laminated & didn’t have velcro yet…)

March2010 090 March2010 088

Farm Puzzles – I believe we can thank Aunt Deb for both of these puzzles – the LeapFrog Farm puzzle and the dollar store farm animals puzzle.  I love the Leap Frog puzzles because the pieces are magnetic, so you don’t lose every piece when your toddler dumps it upside-down!  (Uh, not that my toddler would do such a thing…)

March2010 094 March2010 099 March2010 100 March2010 102

A simple homemade game – pictures from Google images, printed twice, one copy stuck in a page protector, the other cut into pieces for Alex to match.  He did this over and over…and over…naming each vehicle:  “Gator, Mom!"  “Look – a combine!”

March2010 131I grabbed some pictures from Google Images to make this J is for John Deere coloring page.  I guess I didn’t take any pictures of it once it was colored?  Hmm…

March2010 104

This is another homemade creation. Alex chose the tractor image from Google, and I designed (a rather imperfect…) magnet page.  He was so happy!  We printed two copies, and he “decorated” the other copy with a green bingo marker. (He also decorated his face while I got the baby out of his crib.  Sigh.

(If anyone wants these homemade pages, I’d be happy to send you the files.  Trust me – they are nothing special, but if it saves you a bit of time, you’re welcome to use them.)March2010 114 March2010 119

This Peek-A-Boo Barn was a huge hit!  I cut out the barn, added the white detail, and printed some animals from Google Images (gee, are you surprised by that website?!).  Alex glued it to the blue paper, and he glued the animals in each window (with help, of course…)  It’s now hanging on the refrigerator, and Alex keeps opening windows and saying “Peek-a-boo-goo!”  I have NO clue where the “goo” part came from.  Strange child *Ü*

March2010 115 March2010 116March2010 118March2010 133

We already own LOTS of John Deere books, and we have a set of John Deere DVDs that Grandma P gave Alex for Christmas.  We also picked up some tractor books at the library and Aunt Deb gave Alex a new John Deere ABC book that she found at TJ Maxx.

I’d been thinking about taking Alex to the John Deere store since it’s only ten minutes from our house, but we ran out of week!  Seriously, this week FLEW by!  We could easily do another tractor week…but it’s on to K is for Kite next week…with a few St. Patrick’s Day activities tossed in for fun.

Here are some favorites, not only this week, but EVERY week!  Good luck reading the Old Macdonald book without singing – I can’t do it! :)  We’ve read that book at least twice a day for the past 6 or 7 days!

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Kat said...

I'm so impressed with this tot school stuff!!!! =)

Lisa said...

Love it!!

Giggly Girls said...

What a cute theme! Love the barn.

Anonymous said...

What a great week! I love the peek-a-boo barn! My son loves all of the flap books I might just have to make one of these soon.

melaniet42 said...

Love the John Deere theme! That box barn is super creative!!

Lil' Ms. P said...

Love the cardboard barn and the peek-a-boo barn!

Theresa said...

LOVE this week!! My son is crazy about John Deere as well, I think I have watched out ALl About John Deere DVD's a thousand times! :)
I ♥ your printables you made, and would love to use them.. they are perfect for our week this week.. letter J!

Susan said...

I LOVE John Deere, now my little one, I am not sure she knows what a tractor is....maybe it is time she learned! Thanks!

Tot Play: A Learning Journey said...

Dawn - What a fun week! I LOVE the barn you made ... it looks awesome!!! Of course, I also love the peek-a-boo barn. Are those game pieces on your J is for John Deere sheet? I have a bunch of those and never thought to use them that way. Thanks! Your theme made me think about my daughter's 2nd birthday party (so fun) and a theme I did before joining tot school (farm theme). My daughter REALLY liked that theme and it looks like he did too.