Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Even on a bad day…

Any day that involves a blanket on the carpeting, 4 straight hours of watching TV, a dish towel nearby, and a big yellow bowl at the ready is not a good day.

March2010 210

But when your kiddos are being SOOO cute together, it makes things just a little bit better. 

March2010 211

I’m grateful that, even on a bad day, there are still reasons to smile.  March2010 209

Yes, he’s feeling 100% better today!

(Photos were taken after Alex was feeling better, but I was still hesitant to put away the bowl.  Alex woke up very whiny on Tuesday, didn’t want to eat breakfast, had a rough first hour to his day.  I finally made him eat his cereal…which I regret!  The poor boy got sick every half hour or so from 8:30 until almost noon.  He perked up then, ate some crackers and banana, and you’d never know he was sick…running around like a crazy boy, goofy and giggly.  Kids sure do know how to recover quickly!)

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Kat said...

Glad he's feeling better!