Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh No! :)

So, I've been working on a post listing all Alex's accomplishments at 9 months. It's still in draft mode, as I've thought of more to add to that post over the past few days.

One of the things listed in there was "not crawling yet, but wishing that he could".

Well, that's no longer true. This video is posted here & on Facebook, but I muted the sound at Facebook so no one had to listen to my stupid babbling. Well, lucky people, I'm not muting it here. Just realize that I'm being a dork when I mention that he already knows how to talk. ;)

Congratulations, Alexander - you've been working on this for a l-o-n-g time! I know you're proud of yourself. Just go easy on your mama & dad, please. We're first timers, you know!


Dawn said...

Hmmm, no sound after all. Strange...

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Yay Alex!