Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alex at Nine Months

Here is what Alex is doing at 9 months:

  • going independently from laying down to sitting up

  • pulling himself to stand on furniture

  • standing in his crib at naptime, screaming & refusing to lay down (this, too, shall pass...right?!)

  • not really getting the point of a sippy cup, but loves to play with it & spill water. He'll take a few sips if he's really thirsty.

  • making popping noises with his mouth

  • babbling all the time

  • saying Mama, Daddy, Dee (doggy)...and seeming to use them for the right people, although Mama & Daddy get used for a lot of things.

  • giving big grins to the people he loves

  • gets very excited when Daddy comes home from work

  • usually sleeping through the night (8:15 PM - 6 or 6:30 AM)

  • napping on a fairly regular schedule (approx 9 AM and 1 PM, but currently only after 15 minutes of standing, screaming & repeatedly being laid down)

  • eating anything we put in front of him. He LOVES spicy foods like spanish rice, bits of sausage, etc.

  • He just tried Froot Loops on Sunday, and he loves them. (Oops - not such a healthy choice, huh?! I bought Cheerios today. We'll see how that goes.)

  • letting Mama eat some dairy products without Alex getting sick

  • playing independently for 20 minutes now & then

  • trying so hard to crawl, but not quite there yet

  • enjoys going for walks, and gets excited when he sees his stroller

  • still fitting in some of his 6-9 month clothes, but wearing some 9 - 12 month clothes, too

  • discovering how to open drawers/cabinets

  • loves to go grocery shopping, see all the people, and look at everything in the store

  • starting to dislike getting dressed

  • loves to splash in the bathtub

  • fascinated by all things electronic - remotes, computer, TV

  • understanding how to put balls in the holes of his toys

  • losing interest in his jumperoo seat

  • enjoying the walker

  • loves to be outside

  • loves to shred paper

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