Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged. Darn.

I've been ignoring this since October 1st. My friend Allison "tagged" me. I'll play the game...but prepare to be bored! This is for you, Allison! ;)

The rules are:
~Post the rules on your blog
~Write 6 random things about yourself
~Tag 6 people at the end of your post
~If you are tagged, just do it, and pass the tag along!

Here we go:
1) I am not the world's greatest cook, and I never will be. Anyone who lights the kitchen on fire probably isn't winning any Top Chef competitions. I don't hate the kitchen; it's just not my forte. I like to bake, make simple dinners, and (now that I'm home & have time) make homemade bread. I'm trying to make some kind of homemade bread once a week.

2) I really like to scrapbook, but I don't make the time for it very often. I've been keeping up with the information for Alex's baby scrapbook, but I need to take a day and put all that information in his scrapbook. Knowing that people read this blog helps me stay motivated to keep up with the stories of our family, so at least the journaling will be ready to go when I'm ready to scrap again. Thanks for reading - and helping to keep our family's stories updated. By the way, the more you comment, the more I'm encouraged to update this if you want me to be quiet, don't comment ;) Ha!

3) I've been on several mission trips. It's been far too long, though. I've been to Guatemala, a homeless shelter in NYC, a month-long mission trip to West Palm Beach (FL), and some local one-day mission opportunities. One of these days (years?) I'll be ready to do a big trip again.

4) Thanks to Flylady (, I'm no longer a complete slob. It has taken years and years of purposely choosing to be organized to get this idea into my thick skull. I unsubscribed to the Flylady daily e-mails shortly after Alex was born, and while my house still has its messy moments, it's rarely messy enough to embarrass me if someone drops by unexpectedly. (I will always believe, though, that a house is not meant to look magazine-perfect. Homes are for LIVING, and ours will always have that lived-in look.)

5) Jobs I've had: working in a nursing home kitchen, working in an nursing home office, secretary work in a few different business offices, Barnes & Noble bookseller, scrapbook store employee in two different stores, 2nd grade teacher at two different Christian schools, and babysitter. I don't think anything got left off of that list. My favorite is a toss-up between Barnes & Noble and the scrapbook stores. I really enjoy working retail in stores that sell my favorite things (books, crafts, etc.)

6) States I've lived in: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana. Wisconsin is the prettiest, I think. I miss it, but I won't ever choose to live away from family again. Maybe I miss Wisconsin because it's where I lived alone for the first time ever, where I learned to be self-reliant, where I learned who I really am. DeMotte is the most rural place I've ever lived. I hated that idea of moving here. Now I hate the idea of leaving here. Funny how a few years can change your opinion so much!

That's it. Now I guess I'm supposed to "tag" 6 people who have blogs of their own. Continue the game, or choose not to...that's up to you :)

Julie K.
Sara S.


Kat said...

Oh man! Guess I better get on it!

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Great to know you more, although I think I knew most of those already ;) I'll try and respond to the tag after my masters class is done mid Nov. ;)