Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aahhh, vacation...so needed! :)

So, pretty much everyone who reads this blog has had the opportunity to view the pictures on Facebook or Kodak Gallery. I'll just post a quick trip summary.

(Here's a link to all of the pictures on Kodak Gallery if you haven't viewed them yet.)


We had an amazing time! It didn't go perfectly, but it was a perfect vacation.

What we did...

  • kayaked in Tarpon Bay (no camera, in case the kayak tipped...)

  • spent a rainy morning exploring a shopping center

  • spent a rainy afternoon GETTING PROFESSIONAL MASSAGES!
    (Aaaaaah, a first for Mama & Daddy...but not a last!)

  • took Alex to the park

  • took a 3.5 mile bike ride to the lighthouse

  • went on a dolphin-watching cruise

  • hiked the trails at the conservation foundation

  • drove the 4 mile nature path at "Ding" National Park - saw birds, crabs, etc.

  • saw the "talking birdies" in the garden at Jerry's shopping center
    Note: even a pet-loving baby is terrified of birds that shout "HELLO" in your face!

  • splashed in the pool, a lot!!!

  • watched the sanderlings on the beach (Alex loved them!)

  • played in the sand

  • looked for shells

  • tried lots of fun restaurants

  • played sugar packet hockey while waiting for our food

  • made our own breakfast & lunch in the hotel room to save $$

  • found a road named after us ;)

  • took nightly walks on the beach

  • enjoyed our screened-in balcony

  • Found a restaurant named after Nana!

  • Mama & Alex took an early morning walk on the beach to see the sunrise

  • Daddy & Alex took walks around the resort property

  • said, "Hi Biscuit!" and thought of Jessica ;)

  • just relaxed & enjoyed a week with no schedule, no responsibilities, no ringing phone...


The Hamstras said...

So glad you had time to relax together. That's so important!

Kat said...

It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!

Kevin Purdy said...

Were the Hi Biscuits on Purdy Drive?
-JessiKa Annette Is Purdy

Dawn said...

No, sorry. They were at Grandma Dot's restaurant, though, if that makes you happy! :)

Temeculamom said...

Great recap! It looks awesome! I want a vacation!

Susie said...

HOW FUN!!! Massages are the most wonderful thing ever! So glad you guys got to experience that on vacation...looks like lots of great memories made!