Friday, July 18, 2008

Mama In The Kitchen

If you know me well, then you know that sometimes I am a good cook. Other times,' (Fried kitchen, anyone?!) Today, I managed to be both a good cook and an awful baker.

The good stuff first: I realized that it's costing us about $1 per day to feed Alex solids right now. That's up to $31 per month, and the cost will only grow as he eats more. Yikes! We can afford it, but WHY? So...I decided to try making homemade baby food. I started simple...with a free bag of frozen peas & carrots. (Meijer had a sale - 2 bags of frozen veggies for $1. I had coupons for .50 off per bag. Free!) I cooked it up, pureed it, added a little rice cereal & a pinch of spice...YUM! Perfect consistency, great taste (Alex inhaled the stuff from the spoon...and I thought it was pretty tasty, too). It was just what I'd hoped for. Yay! I froze 5 servings and fed him what was left (about 1/2 serving). So, for the cost of a couple tablespoons of rice cereal & rice milk, I have 5 containers of food. That would be $2.50 with store bought food. Score one for Mama!

Now, to admit the bad stuff: I figured that the peas & carrots went over well, so why not try for another success in the kitchen? Dairy Free teething biscuits are kind of pricy: $3.00 for 12 biscuits at Meijer. I found a website with recipes for homemade teething biscuits. It's a website I trust, and they label this as their favorite teething biscuit recipe. I figured that was the best recipe to try. Obviously, I did SOMETHING wrong. Now, if only someone could tell me just what it was...because I thought I followed the recipe exactly. If you want burnt rectangular sugar cookies, I did a great job. If you want dairy free teething biscuits for your baby, well...have someone else try this recipe. I can't do it! :)

I'm going to try a different teething biscuit recipe next week. If I don't succeed, then I give up. Buying store-bought biscuits is probably cheaper than throwing away all these homemade batches before I get it right!

(By the way, yes, I do know about nitrates & homemade baby food carrots. I did my research. I'm comfortable with what I learned & what I did today *Ü*)


Temeculamom said...

Oh dear! I can't bake either. But the homemade baby food is genius! Before you know it, he'll be eating all "people" food.

basketkat said...

Dawn I SO admire your ability to try out these new adventures! :)

The Hamstras said...

Way to go!!