Sunday, July 27, 2008

Railcats Again...

This is today's last post...and I think I'm staying home for a few days. This on-the-go stuff is wearing me out!

On Saturday, Keith came home from breakfast with the guys & reminded me that Wheatfield's town garage sale was going on. We hopped in the car, headed out, and spent a few hours finding bargain clothes for Alex. It was much hotter than we expected, but I guess it was worthwhile. We have a church full of bargain shoppers, I think, because we spotted an awful lot of familiar faces!

We spent the afternoon at home, then grabbed McDonald's and headed up to the Railcats game with the Huppenthal family. This was another $5 game for US Steel employees, so we decided to ask Dave & Christy to come along. We had a pretty good time! The game was rather boring, but we enjoyed just chatting & enjoying time together.

We're horrible about asking friends to do things with us. We always feel like we're intruding on other people's free time, or that they'll only come because they feel obligated. As a result, we don't often ask friends to do stuff with us. We really need to get over that & ask more often...because we have fun whenever we do! :)

Here are some pics...

The Huppenthals: Dave, Christy, Hope, Jonas, Joshua, Jovi

Us, obviously (we had all had seats, but finished watching the game in the grass)
Alex's first time laying in the grass...he wasn't so sure about that!
Hope with all the nachos
Joshua and the remnants of his cotton candy (look closely at his shirt!)
Alex meets RascalJovi's Nerd candy rope...she loved that!


The Hamstras said...

Isn't it overwhelming sometimes when you have so much going on? Especially when you want to blog everything too. Also, don't ever think you'd be bothering people by asking them to watch Alex or to hang out. We love you guys! You know I always need my Alex time!!

Temeculamom said...

It sounds (and looks) like you have been having a lot of fun! That pic of Alex in the grass is so cute and funny. I love that uncertain look on his face.