Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July weekend (part 2)

Keith let me sleep in today! Alex woke up at 5:30, ate, and went back to sleep. Keith got up with Alex when he woke for the day, and I slept until 8:00. Ahhhh! :)

Keith decided it too nice of a day to stay home, so we called up Grandma & Grandpa Schurman to ask if they wanted to come with us to Indiana Beach. They were watching Emma today, so she came along, too.

Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa, for taking care of Alex while we did the "big kid stuff". We know you enjoyed it, but it must have gotten a little boring at times. We really appreciate it! Thanks for the funnel cake, too :)

Um, Alex, your daddy's hair is thin enough without your help!
Emma & Keith went on the Flying Bobs together. I love big roller coasters, but the little spinny things are not for me!
Keith also took Emma on a water ride. They got a little bit wet. Here's before & during...Then Emma & I went on the little submarine water ride. Here's before.
You can use your water guns to shoot at things around you, including the people waiting outside the ride. There are water guns along the fence next to the ride that others can use to shoot you while they watch the ride. Keith was standing near these guns, and he told the guy using it that the lady in the brown shirt was his wife. Thanks, Keith. Next time, I go on the log ride. You go on the submarine. ;)

Here's during/after:

Grandpa snuggled Alex to sleep while we were in the Lost Den of Thieves. Keith promised us a funnel cake if Emma & I could beat his score on this ride. Emma & I together didn't score as much as Keith scored alone, darnit! But Grandma bought us a funnel cake, anyway. Good Grandma! :)
Alex is finally starting to understand the purpose of a sippy cup. He's not too excited by it yet, but he loves to teethe on it. He seems to be okay with swallowing the water now instead of drooling it.

Oh, Alex got a free monkey today! While we were waiting in line for a ride, he must have charmed one of the workers at a game booth...because the guy gave him a free monkey. It's fucschia, rather girly, but Alex loves it. There's one more way to score free stuff...have a cute kid! ;)
Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa, for joining us in our last-minute fun! :)

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The Hamstras said...

Indiana Beach is fun! AND yet another CVS thing is that if you take a CVS receipt in there on Wednesdays you get buy one get one free admission! Or at least it used to be that way.
Glad to hear you had a great Fourth and we're looking forward to camping this weekend!!