Sunday, July 27, 2008

Local entertainment, finally!

Getting caught up...

Last week Saturday was a dreary, rainy day. With not much else on the agenda, we decided it was a good afternoon to head to the new bowling alley in Wheatfield. Keith had been there on Monday night with Kyle & Jessica, and he wanted me to check it out, too. It's pretty nice! We finally have something fun to do without driving to Merrillville or Rensselaer!

Alex was good boy, and he just sat in his stroller with a big smile on his face. He seemed to enjoy watching all the activity around him.

Keith bowled pretty well. I did not. My two games added together did not equal one of his games. I really have no bowling skills. Sometimes, I am a pretty good bowler. I've scored over 200 before. Most of the time, my bowling is pathetic. If only I could figure out what I do when I happen to bowl well!

Afterwards, we went to Luke's for an early dinner. We've eaten there often enough lately that we should see if they'll give us a frequent customer discount! ;)

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