Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nana!! :)

Well, you're probably getting the idea that we had a rather busy week! I didn't get many pictures on Friday, but it was a fun day.

We started with breakfast at Grandma & Papa's house. Kevin & Leanne spent the night on their way to Wisconsin Dells, so this was a chance to visit with them and allow them to see Alex.

Alex & I headed home after breakfast so he could get a good nap, then Grandma picked us up & we headed up to Griffith to see Nana. We went for lunch at Chili's, then returned to Nana's apartment to visit for a while.
Nana has the kissing bears from Hallmark, and she shows them to Alex every time he visits. When you put the bears' snouts together, they make a kissing sound & the wings flutter. This was the first time Alex really reacted to the bears. Now we owe Nana some new AAA batteries, since Alex is wearing them out! :)

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