Sunday, April 27, 2008


Today’s post is brought to you by the letters “D-a-d-d-y”. Dawn’s been asking me to do one of the posts and today seemed like a pretty good day for that. It was a pretty unique day. For starters, Alex slept for 8 solid hours last night! That’s not a first, but it doesn’t happen very often. It was good for us to “catch up” a bit on our own sleep. As for the rest of the day, our favorite Christian radio station, was broadcasting from our church this morning. It was fun to hear some of our friends as they were interviewed on the radio. Better them than us :)

This afternoon, a group called FirePro Wrestling was at the church as well. I got over the wrestling thing years ago, but this is a Christian wrestling group that brings a “family friendly” message with wrestling. So Alex and I went and watched, while Mommy stayed home and slept. Alex was in awe. He was enamored with all of the action and I thought it was pretty entertaining too. It was obviously staged, but we all know that’s what pro wrestling is all about. I was impressed though at how much work and practice obviously went into all of it. And to be able to take Alex was pretty special. He obviously loved it too and I look forward to more “Daddy days” like this. I called Dawn towards the end of the show to have her come up. I didn’t want her to miss watching how much fun Alex was having.

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