Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Week of Firsts

Our boy is 4 months old today. Everyone says the time just flies, and it's proving to be true. There are moments that drag, but Alex is growing up too quickly!

He experienced several "firsts" this week:

  • rolling over (on Wednesday night)
  • sitting in his high chair (on Thursday while Mama cooked dinner)
  • drinking from a sippy cup (Friday, at pediatrician's request)
  • rice cereal from a spoon (Friday, at pedi's suggestion)
  • giggle (Friday)

The rolling over was not exactly intentional...he was on his tummy & mad. When he pushed with his hand, he flipped. He was momentarily startled to find himself on his back, but then quickly returned to wailing.

The sippy cup went okay. We removed the spill-proof piece so that the water just dribbles into Alex's mouth. His pediatrician wants him to have about 4 oz a day now, especially as the weather is getting warmer. She also suggested we try rice cereal because Alex is such a piggy! :) We started with cereal so runny it was almost like milk. We'll thicken it a little more each day until he really "gets" it.

The giggle gets a post of its own. Hopefully it doesn't take a zillion years to watch the video!

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Allison said...

It always makes me laugh that doctors are so concerned about introucing a sippy cup, because otherwise they may not take them. I was so worried with Natalie, because she absolutely would not take one. I tried every trick -- flow controller out, warmed breast milk, dilluted juice, you name it. She would just fling it all over the room. She did take one after she turned 1 (14 months) and after I weaned her. Eboni started taking them around 11 months. I didn't worry about it with her. I remember thinking around 10-11 month, "Oh, I guess she should start trying that, huh." I put enriched rich milk in there (I used that to make her cereal too, because it annoyed me to pump for a few ounces for cereal, ha!). I gave her the ones for 12+ months, because I learned from Natalie that they are easier to suck out of than the ones that say 6+ months. She took it no problem. Funny how I obsessed Natalie and she took longer. I didn't with Eboni, and she took them right away no big deal -- but started older. Random memory your post brought up.