Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lunch With Jen

(Can you tell today is "catch up" day?)

Jen Schaap hasn't met Alex yet. How pathetic is that? She's one of my very good friends, and I haven't seen her since...ummm...November? Why'd she have to go & move to Joliet? She should move to NW Indiana!

So, on Saturday we met in Merrillville for lunch at Baker's Square. We had a great time chatting & Alex got to snuggle with his Auntie Jen. We would have spent more time together, done a little shopping, and had a fun afternoon, but...well...ask Keith about his keys. His keys enjoyed lunch with me at Baker's Square while Keith was stuck at home waiting for me to return! I'm lucky he still loves me, lol! ;)

Here's a picture of Jen with Alex & a picture of Alex wearing his new outfit from Auntie Jen.

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