Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Big Bunch of Pictures

Admit it...you all like the pictures best. You just tolerate the words so you can see the pictures. Well, then, today is your day...LOTS of recent pictures!
Emma & Jackson (Angie's kids)
more Emma & Jackson
wearing Jackson's hat
At Bunco, my cranky boy finally fell asleep wrapped in Jackie's bath towel...and Jackie gave him some chocolate.
Alexander Cole with Cole Alexander...who share the same name & the same birthdate
(Jackie's son)
This "baby" wants some blog time, too. She's a little attention starved lately, hence the jumping in the couch cushions & getting stuck because she's so excited to greet Daddy.
Let's eat! (Pizza Hut, waiting for our food)
It was a beautiful day, so they enjoyed the porch swing at Nana's.
Nana & Alex
Alex's current favorite toy (because it's very chewable!)

Doesn't my little man look handsome and grown-up? (Maggie's guarding him.)
He's watching LOTS of TVs at Best Buy. I don't turn on the TV at all during the day, but Alex sure loves to watch the bright moving colors when he sees one!Grandma only got to hold him for a few happy minutes at the waffle breakfast before he started getting sleepy & crying.
Emma had him while he was still happy.
Aunt Janice fed him bits of waffle. No more baby time for Aunt Janice ;)

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