Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy 50th Anniversary, Grandma & Grandpa! (Part 1)

Grandma & Grandpa Schurman will be married for 50 years on Friday. We celebrated this weekend with family pictures, lunch/afternoon at Deb's house, and dinner at House of Kobe...22 people are in our family now, wow! On Sunday, we went to Grandma & Grandpa's church, then had a nice lunch with Mom & Dad's siblings. After that, we had an open house party for friends, extended family, and church staff. Here are a few (too many!) pictures & comments from the weekend:

Aunt Diane hasn't seen Alex since Christmas time!
Uncle Greg has seen Alex, but this is his first time holding Alex.
Mommy & Daddy at House of Kobe
Alex was fascinated by the chef.
He watched everything very intently.

Grandma got to spend a lot of cuddle time with Alex.
Grandma & Grandpa look at their new scrapbooks.

The kids table had a great, funny chef to keep them entertained.
Diane, David, and the ever-present dog bone...which later ended up on the grill
...and also made several appearances on Sunday.
Mom & Dad

Deb, Alexander, Tony

Alex got his first taste of food. Uncle David fed him a teeny, tiny bite of rainbow sherbet.
Mommy was across the room, so I've only seen his face in pictures. Darn!
I wouldn't have chosen to do this yet, and I would have (selfishly) chosen to be the one to give him food for the first time, but I suppose most Schurman family children have received their first real spoonful of food from an aunt or uncle...might as well carry on that tradition.

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