Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stupid Bottles!

I don't know who utters those words more vehemently - Mommy or Alex. All I know is that both of us wholeheartedly HATE bottles at this point.

Whatever the case, it's not worth it to me. It's only a year, and I want to enjoy that year. I know the time flies by too quickly; it's obvious already! I want to enjoy every moment of this year. (Although some moments, you have to remind yourself to enjoy! Ha!)

I love nursing him. I hate struggling with bottles. Alex and I "fight" all day long. There's no way to enjoy your baby when he's screaming with hunger and milk is drooling down his shirt.

We keep trying, think we've got it figured out, and then...failure. He won't take a bottle when it's needed.

Anyway, this week is it. I'm putting my all into the bottle thing this week...blood, sweat, and tears. (MANY tears...just ask Keith!) I have to say that I gave it my best shot. If it doesn't work by Friday evening, then sorry...we're sorry, Grandmas...but there won't be any babysitting going on for quite some time. If Alex isn't willingly taking a bottle by Friday evening, that's it. I'm done. I now have Keith's blessing on that, too. It's just not worth the fight.

NO COMMENTS on this post, please...on blogger or in person.
I'm not talking bottles with anyone from this point on.
It's a cause of stress, and I'm done with it.

Got that?


(Can you tell it's been quite a day?)

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