Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Weekend

Okay, so Mommy had time to read the whole Babywise book. It's a simple theory, and we're doing okay with it...not great, but okay. Mommy & Daddy understand the concept, but nobody explained it to Alex. I'll keep at it for the next week and see if Alex gets the hang of it. He has slept well the past two nights, so we're doing something right :) (Or it's just coincidence, and he'll be up all night!)

Saturday was a stay-at-home day. How nice & relaxing to have all 3 of us at home! On Saturday evening, Alex (and mommy & daddy) took Nana out for dinner. Alex slept through the experience, but the rest of us enjoyed Texas Corral. We went back to Nana's house to help get her internet working again. (Hi Nana! We hope you're reading this!) Here's a picture:

Sunday started out with SUPERDADDY (aka Keith, in case you wondered) diapering & dressing Alex while Mommy made a jello and got ready for church. Alex was a good boy all the way through church, then he had a quick lunch in the cry-room before Mom & Dad enjoyed a potluck dinner at church. Grandma held him while we ate, and then he got passed around to church friends.

Grandma & Papa came over tonight, had supper with us, and we all played cards. Grandma held Alex while he enjoyed his dinner:

Oops! Wrong dinner! Here's the real one:

Guess that's about it for the weekend. We loved having Daddy around! If only he could be home every day!
Here's hoping that we can feed Alex & get 3 (or more) uninterrupted hours of sleep before he wakes up hungry. Wish us luck!


Sara said...

What a sweetheart he is! I cracked up about daddies giving bottles, you're right about the difference between men and women about that stuff! Enjoy that baby and get lots of photos and video, believe me they grow up too fast!

Allison said...

The schedules will come (if they haven't already -- I'm a little behind). Just watch his patterns and eventually it will naturally happen with gentle guidance.