Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It's COLD, c-o-l-d, COLD!!! Keith went outside to move the grill to the shed for fear it would blow over & damage the house. He was only outside for a few minutes, and he turned into a popsicle. Okay, not really, but close enough!

The thermostat says 70, but it sure feels colder with the wind blowing. Keith's parents have no power tonight, and that means no heat. We told them they could come over if their power isn't back on soon. I hate to think of them out on the icy roads in this nasty wind, but I also hate to think they're sitting in the dark with no heat & no running water. We'll see what they choose to do.

We went to Bible study today, then spent the rest of the day at home. Alex napped in his swing and in his crib. I had to rock him to sleep first, but at least he slept without the warmth of a human body.

I only took one picture today: Alex is wearing a 0 -3 month outfit from Dave & Diane. I didn't get it on the computer...and it really isn't that thrilling of a picture. You'll all just have to wait another day for pics of my baby boy.

I'm tired, and I'm finished on the 'puter for the day. Assuming we have power tomorrow, I promise you a new picture :)

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