Monday, January 21, 2008

A Boy and His Dog

This isn't from today, but today is a rather boring day...other than digging through 3 stinky, food-filled trash bags looking for some mail that was accidentally pitched. Great excitement there! (Found the mail in the bedroom an hour later, darnit!)

These are from last week Wednesday afternoon. Maggie just loves "her" baby. She protects Alexander, and she's very careful of who is holding him. If Alex is crying, she'll either let us know or sit by him until we come. She's a tiny bit jealous of the attention he gets, but Maggie really does take good care of the baby. We're so glad!

Speaking of the crying baby, that's what he's doing right now. Let me post these pics & then go get him...
Okay, how do I get these pics to easily load at the bottom? That drives me nuts!

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Temeculamom said...

That is so adorable, Dawn! I'm so happy to get to see these photos. And I'm glad that Alex is well loved by your dog too.