Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Bottle

Daddy gave Alexander his first bottle last night. This was a big deal for Mommy. Alex did a great job! (Daddy did, too!) They had to stop a lot since Alex was drinking so quickly and drooling out milk. By the time he was finished, though, Alex was getting the hang of it.

I purposely waited until 4 weeks, since they recommend waiting 3 -4 weeks if you're nursing. He's not getting formula (yet? ever?), but I wanted Alex to have a bottle from time to time. It will sure make Wednesday night church a little easier! I'll get to stay in class the whole time! :)

I looked at this bottle as a big first in Alex's little life. To me, it was a very sentimental moment. Not to embarrass Keith, but guys & girls sure are different! Now don't get me wrong; Keith is an EXCELLENT daddy! I'm merely pointing out the differences between men & women. I told Keith that I would be so thrilled if that was my first opportunity to feed my baby. I asked him how he felt about it. Keith's answer? "Job's Done."

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