Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Photo Dump

I think I shared this picture in a school update post, but I just love it, so here it is again…
Alex is reading stories to Jensyn.  He is SOOO sweet with her, and it MELTS my heart!
2014-05-17 17.39.05
After a dinner at our church, there were LOTS of pretzel sticks left over.  The lady who purchased them sent us home with a full container of pretzel sticks, and it made Alex so happy!  He didn’t want them to break on the way home, so he buckled them into the car.
We later used these pretzel sticks to make chocolate & sprinkle covered pretzels.  Yum!
2014-05-18 12.54.50
Quite often, Keith heads up to church early for Praise Team practice, so I am getting all three kids ready and out the door on my own.  I asked the kids to get their shoes on and get in the car while I finished getting myself ready.  Alex buckled Jensyn’s carseat for me, and I never looked at her feet.  When we got out of the car at church, I realized that Jensyn had put RAIN BOOTS on her feet with her pretty dress.  Whoops!
2014-05-18 13.01.18
Playing in the sandbox & on the new tree swing at Grandma & Papa’s house…
2014-05-23 10.13.40
2014-05-23 10.19.292014-05-23 10.23.432014-05-23 10.24.36
FILTHY, dirty, grass-clipping-covered feet
after running through the sprinklers with the neighbor kids
2014-06-01 16.44.002014-06-01 16.44.47
Jensyn’s first Uno game – she won!
(We play open hand games, and all three kids can play now!)
2014-06-08 19.18.512014-06-08 19.18.562014-06-08 19.22.572014-06-08 19.23.10
Max started swimming lessons, and he LOVES it!  Miss Nancy had to insist that he get out of the pool after his first two lessons, as Max wanted to keep going!  (Alex is continuing with Level 3, and Max is doing Level 1.)
2014-06-10 18.03.002014-06-10 18.03.19
We had a fun playdate at the park with a family from our homeschool co-op. 
We spent about 2.5 hours enjoying the beautiful day with friends!
2014-06-12 09.07.34
Our local fire station had its annual open house.
Jensyn was excited that they had PINK fire hats this year!
2014-06-14 12.27.09
We came a little later this year, so we were there when things were wrapping up for the day.
Sadly, that meant that the hotdogs were almost gone and they were out of buns. 
So we had lukewarm, bun-less hotdogs for lunch.

We got to see the Life Flight helicopter taking off…and hear and feel it, too.
We all got faces full of dirt.  It was quite the multi-sensory experience, ha! Open-mouthed smile

Jensyn didn’t care for the noise.  First, she covered her ears. 
When the wind picked up, she hid behind me.
2014-06-14 12.53.462014-06-14 12.54.48

After flying away, the helicopter returned for a quick fly-by.
(I blurred out the name of the first station.)2014-06-14 12.55.07
The kids had fun checking out all of the fire trucks and the ambulance.

2014-06-14 12.57.102014-06-14 12.57.512014-06-14 12.59.23
The kids also received Bicycle Safety bags filled with pens, notepads, coloring pages, and lights and colored spoke covers to help make their bikes more visible to drivers.  The boys were excited to decorate their bikes when we got home.
The boys’ t-ball pictures…Alex on the left & Max on the right

Alex’s artwork
In May, we had my sweet great nephew spend the night with us.  What a joy it was to have a baby in the house again!  The kids had fun playing with baby Lance & feeding him his lunch.  I enjoyed a middle-of-the-night snuggle while he had his bottle…it was so wonderful to just enjoy cuddling him in the quiet of the house!

Jensyn said, “Mama, I’m FOODING him!”
The boys each had to give it a try, too.
Jensyn “read” stories to baby Lance.
Jensyn’s belated birthday gift from Aunt Diane – a Disney doll with several princess dresses, tiaras, and shoes.  This belonged to my niece Kathryn, who has since outgrown it.  Jensyn LOVES this pretty doll!

I think we’re caught up on a whole lot of random pictures now! Smile

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