Thursday, June 19, 2014

Field Trip to Fair Oaks Farms

One of our friends from co-op coordinated a field trip to Fair Oaks Farms recently.  It was originally meant to be a small group of friends from co-op, with an open invitation for others in the group to join.  It ended up being close to 60 people!  We are so thankful for Erin’s hard work in coordinating this trip!

Fair Oaks Farms is a great learning experience, with a Dairy Adventure (seeing a live birth, seeing the cows in their barns, watching the cows as they’re milked) and Pig Adventures (seeing live births, seeing sweet baby pigs and growing pigs) and lots of interactive games and learning as well.

It’s not the first time we have visited Fair Oaks Farms, and it certainly won’t be the last.  We have some free admission tickets and some half price tickets from a friend at church, so we’ll be back (with Daddy) again in the future.
I’m going to keep the text simple and just let the pictures speak for themselves.  I wish I’d asked a friend to snap a picture of me with my kids.  I totally forgot.  Whoops!  Please note that Max did NOT want his picture taken today, although I did try.

We came home with a pint of freshly made mint chocolate chip ice cream and a half gallon of DELICIOUS chocolate milk to share with Daddy.  Yum!
This was SUCH a fun day, and it was great to enjoy it with our friends from co-op!
{no amount of effort could get all 5 kids to smile at the same time}

DSCN1800 DSCN1802

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