Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Indiana Beach Homeschool Day

We had the opportunity to purchase hugely discounted tickets to Indiana Beach through a local homeschool group.  They were valid only on a specific day, which is always a little risky when you don’t know what the weather will be.  For the price, though, we just couldn’t pass up on this deal!

Our $12 tickets also included a wristband for unlimited drinks the whole day, and we found out that it also included free admission to the haunted house.  That’s really a bargain, considering the cost of drinks and the $3/person haunted house tickets…on top of the regular price of over $20/person for admission!

Much of our day was spent on our own, but we did run into friends throughout the day.  Alex enjoyed a few rides with co-op friends.  (Max, Alex, and Jensyn and I rode the Frog Hopper, too.  The boys love it…Jensyn needed Mama with her and still didn’t love it.)

2014-06-02 11.57.12
2014-06-02 11.57.17

Max & Jensyn both LOVED all the kiddy rides.  Alex…well…he liked a few, but he was bored with most.  Our big boy is growing up too quickly.  The kiddy rides are losing their excitement, and he needs a little more thrill now!

2014-06-02 11.47.272014-06-02 11.47.492014-06-02 12.02.49

Alex did enjoy ringing the bell on this little boat ride.
Jensyn loved this one, as well.

2014-06-02 12.02.59

As we were getting ready to leave home in the morning, Alex asked, “What’s the one ride?  Do you remember it?  I think it’s called the ‘Scrambled Egg’?”  He was referring to this ride: The Scrambler…and he loved it!

2014-06-02 12.31.34

We’d packed a picnic, and we enjoyed our lunch in the (very breezy) picnic shelter. 
It’s always good to get a break in the middle of the craziness!

2014-06-02 12.31.50

Both boys wanted to go in the haunted house.  The lady in the ticket booth told the boys to take a look down the first hallway before deciding if they wanted to go.  Alex still said YES, but Max changed his mind.  Max, Jensyn, and I waited on a bench so we could see Daddy & Alex come out of the balcony once they reached the third floor.  Here they are waving down to us…  (Jensyn calls the robotic guy on the 2nd floor balcony, “The Bad Man”.  She doesn’t like him!)

2014-06-02 14.20.07

After that, we took turns on one of our favorite rides – the Den of Lost Thieves (a ride-through shooting gallery).  We’d already been on it earlier in the day, but that one is worth repeating!  I don’t have any pictures of it, though!  (Oh, and I got the top score of the day on my last time through the ride.  Woohoo!)

On to the bumper cars…Alex & Daddy rode while Max, Jensyn, and I watched.  Then Max & Daddy rode while Alex, Jensyn and I watched.  Maybe next year, Alex will be brave enough to drive alone, and then Keith and I can each take a smaller kiddo and we can all ride!

2014-06-02 15.27.27

2014-06-02 15.27.48

2014-06-02 15.30.12

We didn’t do any big roller coasters – the one we wanted to try with the boys was shut down for the day, and their new ‘kiddy coaster’ wasn’t up and running yet.  (We were there in very early June, and none of their new kid rides were operational yet, sadly.)

We did the tilt-a-whirl with the whole family.  Poor Jensyn – I had to hold on to her so tightly!  She wasn’t scared, but she WAS sliding all over the place!  The boys and Daddy rode Falling Star.  Jensyn was a little afraid of that one, so I sat with her.

There were other rides throughout the day, but too much time has passed & I’m not remembering all the details.  What I do remember is that we had a very fun day, ending with a trip to Pizza Hut on the way home.  We’re definitely enjoying our summer!

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