Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fruit Loop Olympics Rings

fruit loop olympic rings
We spent a little time this afternoon working on some Olympic-themed fun pages.  (If you’re still looking for something to do with your kiddos, I have a FREE Winter Olympics preschool pack in my Teachers Notebook store.)

I was lying awake in bed the other night, trying to think of a fun craft to go with our Olympic pages.  Then I remembered the fruit loops I’d bought for another project and realized they would make perfect Olympic Rings.  Well, here you go…a template to help your children glue them in the correct places.

(eating the orange loops!)

Be sure to take a minute to explain to your kiddos that the five Olympic Rings stand for the five areas of the world that participate in the Olympics!

You can download a pdf file of the Olympic Rings here.  It will print on 8.5x11 paper so it’s easy for your child to glue the cereal in the correct spots!

fruit loop olympic rings
Fruit Loop Olympic Rings

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