Sunday, February 2, 2014

Upward Basketball

Keith & I want our children to have opportunities to try new things, participate in activities, stay active and make new friends.   We are not overly concerned about WHAT they choose, as long as the kids will be interested in the activity and enjoy participating.  We gave Alex a few choices for an activity this winter, including karate or Upward Basketball.
(Alex – far left)Upward, basketball
Alex chose Upward, and we’re quite impressed by this Christian basketball league.  It’s run by volunteers, and it’s is a very encouraging environment.  Alex came into this league with absolutely NO basketball knowledge.  He didn’t know how to dribble, he was a bit intimidated by everything to do with the sport, and he wasn’t too sure of himself.  Yet this was HIS choice, and he was willing to give it a try.

He requested that Daddy take him to his first practice.  I guess sports and daddies go together!  (This is not surprising, as I do not have an athletic bone in my body!)  He was very nervous upon arriving, and he even turned to Keith and whispered, “I can’t do it!” when he was supposed to go out on the court to start that first practice.  Keith encouraged Alex, gently nudged him to get out there, and Alex ended up having a great time!
We love how the kids have a Bible/character lesson at each practice, and prayer is an integral part of the practices and games.  We love the iron-on stars they receive with a sweet word of encouragement from the coaches after the Saturday game.  This is a GREAT first sport for him, as the environment is so kind and loving!


Alex missed one game due Monster Jam, and he also missed this week’s practice because it was cancelled due to inclement weather.  He has a lot of learning to do, and we’re a little disappointed that he has missed out on this learning time. 

He has only participated in one game so far, and he was very unsure of himself.  Although he did his very best, he grew overwhelmed mid-game.  He walked over to talk to Daddy, and the coach gently pulled Alex back onto the court.  That was more than our sweet boy could take right then, and the tears began streaming down his face.  After a long hug and a few words of encouragement from Daddy, Alex returned to his team. 


Even with that experience, Alex was still happy to attend his next practice!  His coach told him he made more baskets than anyone else at the practice, and Alex came home just bouncing with excitement to share that news with me.  He doesn’t exactly use proper form for shooting the ball, but it works for him.  Keith said the coach tried to show Alex the correct way to shoot the ball, but Alex looked at him and said politely, “I would rather do it my way.”  He then proceeded to shoot the ball in his unorthodox way and swish it right into the net.  The coach just smiled and said, “Well, okay!  I guess it works for you!”

Upward, basketball
We are hoping that, with continued practice and play time, Alex will gain a little more confidence and learn what he should be doing on the court during a game.  We don’t want him to be the best, but we want him to give HIS best and have fun out there!  We look forward to seeing him make friends and improve his basketball knowledge in this fun, positive environment!

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