Sunday, February 9, 2014

January Photo Dump

Some of the cute penguins we made during one of our January Fun Days…


It’s kind of had to see this picture well, but this is Joseph in jail in Egypt, as drawn by Max. 
The other pictures are Benjamin and Simeon in jail. 
He took a few liberties with his retelling of this Bible story.IMG_0223

Max & Jensyn doing a Sunday School take-home paper while Alex was at basketball practice.


When we went to CHuck E Cheese for Alex’s birthday, he got this photo on a ride.  It sat on the kitchen counter for WEEKS until I told him to either hang it up or throw it away.
I wrongly assumed he understood that he was supposed to hang it on his bulletin board.
I  later discovered that Alex thought it was worthy of joining the framed photos in our hallway!  Boy, did I laugh when I walked around the corner and spotted this!


(Grandma S made capes for my kiddos for Christmas!)

Alex at play, photos probably taken by Max

This is my oh-so-adorable great nephew.
We got him these jammies, so my niece shared this picture with us.

Max happened to be wearing his own Mike jammies that same night, so just for fun, I wanted to share pictures of Max with my niece. 
THIS is my cooperative son posing for pictures, ha ha!

CAUGHT ‘reading’ his big brother’s Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse book.
(We all LOVED this story, but unfortunately it’s hard to read ahead when you don’t know how to read, lol!)


the super amazing parking garage – big enough to share with friends


princess friends


Super Mario Brothers…and their princess friends


nail painting party


I got a smart phone…finally!
The fun part is that the phone was free, and by using and buying 3 months of service at a time, it’s CHEAPER than what I had been paying for my ‘dumb phone’!

Max is playing a Reading Eggs letter game on my new phone.


Even the horse is a princess!

puzzle time!

dinner with cousin Derek before he returned to his army base…

WHY is it so hard to get three kids to smile at the same time?

I’m really not sure what these pictures are from – the kids are allowed to use the little camera any time, and they do so quite often!  It’s obvious that Alex took these photos, but I don’t know what the kids were doing!


If you look closely, you’ll see that Jensyn has chapstick in her hands in EVERY ONE of these pictures taken by Alex.  This girl LOVES her chapstick…or stealing chapstick from another family member.  No chapstick is safe in this house!


Jensyn took these pictures, but they’re worth noting.
Alex now has the job of unloading the dishwasher every day.
I remove knives and anything breakable; he puts away the rest.


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